Android Device Manager: an easy way to locate and protect your android device.

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For many phones have taken the place of a computer, with their powerful processors, broadband capabilities, and built in office applications it’s no surprise that mobile phones have become the primary electronic productivity device for a large number of people.

As such powerful devices as they are they also carry large amount of personal and business related data, unchallenged access to our email accounts, contacts, stored passwords, etc.

Losing a phone may carry enormous consequences, even more than losing a laptop because phones carry our phone records, SMS and chat conversation, phone contacts, etc.

How can we protect our privacy in the event the device is lost or stolen? Well luckily there’s more than one easy way to do it and depending on your phone’s Operating System there’s a plethora of free and commercial applications to help you in times of need.Today, we’ll be talking about Android Device Manager and as the name implies, it is to manage Android devices.

If you have your google account active on your phone, such as email address, most likely Android device manager is one of the default application active to manage your phone. To verify such setting

Go to Settings:

Then go to General tab, scroll down to Security

Scroll down to Phone Administrators.

Select Personal Administrators.

Now that you verified Android Device Manager is enabled you can login to the application with your google credentials to manage the devices.

Go to: to manage your device. Log in with your google account.

It takes a few seconds to Google to locate your device. Once it’s located you can perform basic but powerful functions such as:

,1. Make your device Ring to locate it, this is useful if you misplace the device, your phone must be turned on for this feature to work and will make the phone ring for five minutes or until you stop it from the phone itself.

2. Lock the device, you can set a pin password and display a message and phone number to be called back to. If you did not have a PIN password on the device it will activate it for you, lock the screen, and display the message, all in a matter of seconds.

3. Erase Device. Self-explanatory, your device will be reset to factory defaults.

With that you have an easy yet powerful way to protect your device in the event is lost or stolen. As you could see Android Device Manager is just one of the application capable of doing such as job, in future articles we’ll go over other applications to protect your Android and Mac devices.


Thank you for reading this article, feel free to share it if you found it useful. As always feel free to contact us if your business is in need of IT support Services in Northern NJ and New York City.

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