Intel has launched a new password management application

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For years technical companies have been working on improving password security and management. It is safe to say that the technology behind password security across most commercial systems have not been up to the advancement and improvements of technology. Granted, though password security improvement on systems such as Microsoft Operating Systems have improved with each version of the OS the nature and application of the technology allows for too many loopholes that makes password cracking an easy task. For years security experts and companies have been relying on two and three way authentications, using token, keyfobs, and biomed technology to compliment the most basic form of authentication (something you know) or password.

Everyone recognizes how important is for users to create strong password. I wrote an article last year that outlines 12 simple steps to create a security password, in it shed some light to increase password security for the average user but the true dilemma still prevelent even when creating strong password and that is: how can we make it applicable to everyone. Well the technology is here, Intel has announced that its new password solution that will not rely only on keyboard characters but mainly on biometric technology, making it once for all a broad technology available for the masses.

Intel’s password management technology will be available to major OS platform with support for many browser, it will function as a password generator and password management platform which has built in biometric options such as finger print and facial recognition. At a projected basic version and licensed version the company is expected reach millions of users across the world. You can read the official announcement here

to learn more about what to expect.

We can’ t wait to be one of the first ones test riding the technology and implement it to our customers’ systems when applicable. As a Intel Security partner we provide small businesses with the most advanced, reliable, and cost effective technical security solutions in the market. We help businesses in the financial, health care, and insurance industry with the safeguard of their customers data.

Contact us to learn more about our information security solutions and services.

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