Is a cloud solutions right for you?

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StartFragmentCloud computing has changed the way technology is implemented. With more and more companies moving to cloud services it’s very common nowadays to see organizations, large and small, hosting some or all of their network services to the cloud. They are not only hosting services such as email and VoIP but also we are seeing businesses moving their servers and workstation to the cloud. As the “fear” of new technology faded and we see cloud services as an established solution companies are looking for partners to help them understand and guide them through the process. Cloud technology implementation can partial or total for some companies, it’s very common to see hybrid implementations where businesses host some of their servers on the cloud and as they keep other servers on their premises.

We are a Cloud Service provider company, we help organizations migrate their server to the cloud and have a technical environment that offers reliability and resiliency at a cost effective price. An average Windows 2012 Server, with 12 GB RAM, 1 TB HD space, 4vCPU cloud server goes for about $170 month. This offers a resiliency and reliability at an affordable price for small organizations that used to be available only for the enterprise. Contact us for details about cloud server and cloud desktop solutions. 888-580-4450EndFragment

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