Is Your Computer Getting Virus-Infected Again?

Is Your Computer Getting Virus-Infected Again

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Is your computer getting virus infected..?.. again… For some people and businesses computer virus infections seem to be the normal way of doing business but it doesn’t have to be that way. With proper technical solutions and proactive support virus infection can be something of the past. We compiled a list of 15 reason why some systems seem to always get infected, you may identify one or many of them in your environment:

1. Unreliable Antivirus Protection – not all AV are created equal

2. Virus was not fully remove the last time– Yep, some sophisticated viruses can morph to evade antivirus software.

3. You only rely on Antivirus software for virus protection – Antivirus software don’t cut it anymore, a holistic security approach needs to be implemented to protect different layers of the network.

4. Only Endpoint protection – This piggybacks to the previous point, you can add more security layers such as hips, ips, ids, fw, email protection, webcontent filter. (We implement all this solutions for your business at a cost effective price, 🙂

5. Reactive technical support. – this hurts.., you call support when already bleeding. Our proactive support is 24×7, stopping the threats on their onsets.

6. It’s not a virus.. it’s adware. – Not all malware is a virus, even some social engineering can be used to make you think your pc is virus infected.

7. Operating System Vulnerabilities

8. Browser Vulnerabilities

9. Poor Web browsing techniques. It could be you are bringing the damage upon yourself by not being careful about the links you click, downloads, and visited sites.

10. Root Kits.

11. Inside job. – It happens, it could be a disgruntled employee may be seeking some type of revenge.

12. Someone clicked on a spam email link. It always happens, spammers have become very clever the last few years.

13. You are being targeted. – Rarely the reason but it’s possible.

14. Application Vulnerabilities.

15. Zero day attacks.

This list summarizes most of them, here are JDTech we take pride in fortune 100 class IT security solutions to small organizations at a small business price. Now every small company in New Jersey and NYC can benefit from the most advanced cyber security solutions and service. We are an Intel Security (Formerly McAfee) partner implemting the most advanced cyber security solutions in the market.

Contact us at 888-580-4450 for details.

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