It’s not a virus, it’s browser add-on!!

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It’s not a virus, It’s a browser add-on!!! Have you gotten those scary messages when opening a web browser windows saying in an alarming tone that something is wrong with your PC and that you must call the number provided for a technician to repair it? Toll free numbers such as 855-780-0310 and 1-888-913-4512 are displayed in the middle of the screen for you to call an connect to a call center God knows where where a technician will help you repair your computer. This type of messages are a SCAM, those companies have created a browser add-on or extension to get installed on your pc and execute when you browse the web. Unfortunately many people fall pray to this type of Scam over and over. In the video i’ll show you how to remove it the add on when using google browser. The most important thing is to make you aware of this tactics and how to deal with it and even if your computer is infected with viruses you should consider contacting a reliable technical support source in your area rather than giving in to the scammer’s demands.

It’s a pretty simple process to remove the add-ons from your browser. If the issue persists after removing the add-on you should contact a local IT support company in your area, it may be that your computer is really virus infected on top of the browser add-on message. Feel free to contact us at 888-540-4450 if you are in need of computer, server, network, data recovery, or any other technical services. We are located in North Bergen, NJ and service all Hudson County, Bergen County, and New York City.

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