MS Outlook 2016 error: Something went wrong and your search could not be completed.

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Many people have been getting this message when using the search function in Outlook 2016, everything was working fine but things went south a few days ago they say.

Although there are many reasons whey Outlook would display such a message you can try as your first troubleshooting technical running and installing the latest MS Office 2016 updates. I’d usually recommend you to do something else first, perhaps resetting indexing, stopped and restart its service, etc. but this time around the issue seems to be have caused my Microsoft and they put out the solution too in the latest update so go ahead and install the latest MS Office updates. If that does not work for you then concentrate on:

  • Disable and Re enabling the search function.
  • Rebuilding the search Index.
  • Installing the latest OS updates.

I hope this help!


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