How Do I Fix “Unidentified Network” on Windows?

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If you are a Windows user chances are you have or will see this message at one point or another. Though many times it can be “fixed” with a simple reboot there may be a time where you’d have to troubleshoot further to get the system back to work. We have recieved multiple technical support calls from businesses in New York City and New Jersey to troubleshoot network problems like this. I must confess that most of the time they are simple fixes but few times we come across an issue that really puts our technical skills to test.

In the following post we’ll outline some of the common troubleshooting techniques we use to remediate this pesky issue. Chances are the issue will go away when doing one this these troubleshooting steps, if it doesn’t it might be time for you contact a technical professional to look further into it. You can call us for techncial services if you are located in New York City or Nothern New Jersey. We offer fast, reliable, and cost effective technical support.

For starters, let’s review what Microsoft Windows does before it displays an Unidentified network status:

Windows Network Location Awareness (NLA) enables Windows Sockets 2 (WinSocks2) applications to identify the logical network to which the computer is attached, in other words, NLA helps Windows identify the logical and physical network to which the computer is attached to create a network profile of it. This information is very useful as the Windows Firewall service uses the created NLA profiles to assign firewall policies and for other Windows Services.

NLA isn’t always reliable and it might fail to properly identify the network. This behavior may or may not have an effect on network connectivity, so let us show show you how we have handled this type of issues when offering network support services to businesses in New Jersey and New York City.

  1. ,Have user verify the physical connection to the network. In this case we using as a exampled a wired network environment.

1.1 Is the computer connected to the network jack?

2. Reboot the PC: I know it may sound cliché but rebooting solves many problems, there’s a real explanation of whyhow many issues are solved after rebooting but it’s too broad to go over.

3. Try connecting another device to the jack to see if it works. If it does then you know the issues is between the cable of the faulty and the pc.

3.1 In a Windows computer you can have the user check the network properties to check if the OS sees the connection active. If the status shows a red X it means that Windows does not the physical connection with the hardware. Try replacing the network cable.

disconnected connection.PNG

4. Network shows as connected but with an Unidentified Network status. Ok, the good news it’s that it hardware is good, the bad is that you have to keep on troubleshooting.

unidentified network.PNG

4.1 Check the following: Are you getting a valid IP address (if using DHCP) or the IP on the machine valid for the network?

Right click on the network connection, select properties, then details to find out if it’s receiving and IP from the DHCP server. In the example below the host is getting a IP, anything stating with a 169 means the computer could not contact the DHCP server

unidentified network2.PNG
unidentified network3.PNG

5. Is the IP address valid for the network? If the system uses a static IP verified that he settings are valid. I’ve seen situations where users mistakenly change this settings.


6. Update the Network connection drivers or better yet, remove the NIC ( and the drivers) and reinstall them.


7. If the problem still persists try resetting the TCP/IP. You can do you yourself or have the Microsoft Fix it utility do it for you. This will reset some registry setting and Winsock driver.

8. Call the Calvary. that’s correct, if none of the above worked it’s time for you to bring the big guns. At this point the issue must hiding deeper in the Operating System. and you need the technical expertise of highly quialifed professionals. If you are in North Bergen or New York City area you can contact us for technical support.

There’s no reason for you to spend more time with it. We provide the most reliable, efficient, and cost effective technical support for our clients, we server small and medium sized organizations with their desktop support, network administration, and information security needs. We can assist you too, contact us at 646-600-0032 for more information

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