Security cameras for your office, is it a good idea?

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One of the most dreading technical implementations for small businesses is adding security cameras in the office space. Employees’ immidiately cringe at the thought of it because the picture of “big brother” comes to mind and the simple thought of having someone constantly watching over them makes them feel as if their privacy is being violated. Small business owners and managers see adding surveillance systems as a way to protect employees, company’s assesses, and sometime to micromanage. The balance lies somewhere between both point of views and it is something that each small business needing surveillance system should determine on their own, with that being said let’s proceed to go over points that will make a smooth implementation.

Here are few points to consider before the security surveillance system implementation:

  • Make employees aware of the reasons that a surveillance system is being installed: this will give employees another reason to easily accept the project, especially when there had been past incidents where items were stolen and the office was broken into. Perhaps you won’t be able to disclose all reasons for the surveillance system but giving a general justification will suffice on most cases.
  • Post signs that the office environment is under video surveillance: This will also help as a deterrent to the potential perpetrators by discouraging from committing a wrong act they will be recorded doing
  • Keep the Security System in secure location: Having the NVRDRV in a public area is poor implementation. Having the unit in a private-secure location will prevent the destruction of evidence, at least to an extend by not allowing easy access to it.
  • Change the default credentials. Advanced system have the ability to connect to the network, make sure the default system credentials are changed to avoid unauthorized snooping.
  • Consider Network Traffic: this applies if you are using a network based system, bringing video traffic from a few cameras on old network equipment can cripple network operations. It is best practice to isolate video traffic for security and performance reasons.
  • Plan the retention policy: this will help you decide on the type of cameras, NVR, and solution to implement. Do you want to go back 5 days, 2 weeks, a month?
  • Thing about the technology: There’s a big difference in using a 1.5 mega pixel camera versus a 5 mega pixels unit.
  • Upload to the cloud if possible: In some situations you may want to store the video offsite, an option is to upload to the cloud, this will provide availability even in the event of physical disaster.
  • Provide regular maintenance: This is where JDTechSolutions comes in, our broad technical expertise and experience allow us to implement and support your surveillance system. We know all the technical aspects for proper implementations and you want to be sure it is done right.

Having a working and reliable surveillance system for your small business will add many layers of security and accountability to the organization. Employee and business owners will benefit from such implementations in the short and long term.

Feel free to contact us at 888-580-4450 if you are unsure if your company could benefit from a surveillance system or if you want to know more details. We are a local IT Support company our North Bergen, NJ servicing Hudson and Bergen counties.


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