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Virus Removal Tools

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Malware is a technical issue that has been on the rise over the last couple of years and will continue to grow as we keep on growing into the internet of things, not only malware affects desktop computers and servers but it has expanded lately to the mobile devices. As more devices become available over the network they will also become victims of malware attacks due to the fact that their interface will be deployed on the same flawed software platforms used in the desktop world. That being said it will be very common to buy an antivirus solution that will protect your desktop, mobile devices, and other peripherals such as your refrigerator, car, etc.

Ok, now putting the near future aside, it’s estimated that business and private users spend billions of dollars a year in security products to protect their systems against malware infections and repairing them after a security breach.

We have compiled a list of 15 antimalware software that can be used by the novice and professional alike. I always recommend to hire a professional to perform this type of work as data and even the system can be put at risk by stubborn malware, however for a simple virus removal or you are a confident DYSelfer here’s the list for your delight.

1. McAfee: McAfee has many virus removal tools available and even a free “light” version of its powerful antivirus engine. The page shows McAfee removal tools for specific Malware, though it’s not a complete list the tools are intended to remove common viruses and its variations


2. Noton Power Eraser: Similar to McAfee tools, Norton’s Power Eraser are versatile utilities designed for Microsoft Windows, the tools can be ran on Normal or Safe Mode without needing to install them on the computers first.


3. Kaspersky Utilities: For years Kaspersky has been chasing the big players in the security industry narrowing the gap over the past few years. They offer a plethora or malware removal tools as well as their award winning Rescue Kit.


4. Microsoft: The giant of Desktop and Server OS decided to jump into the security business few years ago by introducing Microsoft Security Essentials. Since then it has gained some traction and acceptance in the general population.

In the past couple years Microsoft has launched other security initiative to compete with the big player adding Malware Removal Tool and Safety Scanner to their repertoire.

Malware removal tool: removes known malware such as adware and browser hijackers.


Safety Scanner: It’s an antivurs aid since it provides ondemand scanning and it expires in 10 days.


Security Essentials: it’s a very popular product int the Windows desktop community, it offers good quality protection for stand alone computer.


5. Trend Micro tools: TrendMicro is another of the big players in the security realm still lagging behind McAfee and Norton. They offer a combination of useful free tools to remove Rootkits and monitor computers against bots.


6. Panda: Panda is a promising star in the security field, they are investing a lot of time and technology in the cloud security realm and offering some free security tools.


7. Malwarebytes: For years Malwarebytes offered a reliable standalone solution, now they are delving into the business market with their business edition. They do a pretty good job researching and developing virus definitions for different types of malware, not just viruses.


8. Sophos: A security company which offers a full suite of security solutions for home users and businesses. They made public a free virus removal tool based on their commercial antivirus solution. Its light weight and fast to run and install.


9. Spybot: Another small company trying to break into the cyber security market. They offer a free antivirus and a commercial version with more bells and wizards. Something to keep in mind is that their free subscription must be manually updated, which is counterproductive if you want to use it as your primary AV. As a quick note, they offer a file analyzer tool that comes very useful to check file properties and any anomalies have been detected on it.


10. Vipre: It’s another small Antivirus company out of Florida. At time of this post they only have two security products and offer 30 days trail on both.


11. Adware Cleaner: A small project design to remove the pesky adware and browser hijackers, not a real antivirus software but it can be used to rid of adware not removed by AV.


12. Combofix: simple to use utility yet powerful tool that should only be used if you’re Antivirus or other tools can’t remove the malware.


13. Avast: They have also been around for a years but unable to become a real competitor in the security industry however it doesn’t mean their solutions don’t work. The certainty have gained a lot of traction in with the home users lately.


14. AVG: AVG is another small player in the security field, though they have been around for some time their solutions are simple limited.


15. ESET: It offers a broad selection of security software solutions to protect the computers, servers, and mobile devices for the home and business users. They also have various antimalware stand alone tools and a top of the like SysRecue Live disk tackle different type of viruses.


There are many more antimalware software and countless security tools available out there. We as professionals have our own preferences and choices when it comes to what antimalware, security software, and removal tools to use but it doesn’t mean they are only ones that work. As a matter of fact, as important as the tools you use is the procedure implemented and the technical expertise of the of support person.

For instance, we use McAfee endpoint protection for our business clients because we like the reliabliity of the product, it’s easy to deploy and administer, and because it fits great with other security solutions we implement as part of our security layered approach. We also use other tools such as Kaspersky’s recue disk, Microsoft’s Offline Windows Defender, and Combofix to tackle different issues. The point is to know how to use the available tools for in each specific situation.

Here at JDTech, we provide computer security services to small and mid-sized businesses in Northern NJ and NYC. Our technical experience coupled with our strategic technical partnerships allow to deliver fortune 100 class technical support to small organizations in a reliable and cost effective manner. Contact us for details about our services and solutions.

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For fast virus removal services in secaucus, virus removal in union city, or union city computer support there’s no other better company to call than JDTech. In the heart of Hudson County, NJ, JDTech is the local computer company of preference for businesses and individuals. we provide malware removal services the same day, and as the Jersey city computer company of the year we are glad to service secaucus computer services, and network support in union city.

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