Windows password expiring too soon?? there’s a fix for that..

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Changing your computer password often is a great idea but let’s face it, we don’t always have to change the password every 30 days on your home computer. In a corporate environment it makes complete sense to have users change their password for security and compliance reason.

So if you’re getting the annoying pop message to change the password and you decided it’s time to modify the setting you only have to follow a quick steps:

  • Open Microsoft Management Console (mmc), you can do this by typing mmc in the run box.
  • Add the Group Policy Object Snap-in – Go to FileAdd Remove Snap-inGroup Policy Object, select add, click on Finish on the GPO wizard. (there’s no reason to follow the wizard as you’ll be opening the GPO snap-in for the local computer but you have the option of opening GPO Snap-in for another computer if you have administrative rights to it).
  • Expand Local Computer Policy PolicyWindows Settings Account PoliciesPassword Policy. Double click Maximum password age, change setting to desired interval.

IT was that easy 🙂

Right from that same window you have the option of modifying other password settings such password complexity, password age, and password history. If you need help understanding what the settings are you can open them and click on the Explain tab.


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