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Network Troubleshooting 101

The following post is intended to provide troubleshooting guidance for basic networks where 1 router and 1 or more switches are used for communication. This

It’s not a virus, it’s browser add-on!! It’s not a virus, It’s a browser add-on!!! Have you gotten those scary messages when opening a web browser windows saying in an alarming

Google Chrome malicious extensions Adware is a prevalent type of Malware with the potential of hijacking your browser and in extreme cases your computer. One of the first

JDTech is now a Dell Direct Partner

Dell servers, laptops, and workstations have been supporting the technical infrastructure of most businesses, especially small organizations in need of maximizing their technical investment. We

How computer cookies work

Computer cookies are an interesting aspect web browsing that have baffled many people for years, with news channels constantly talking about cyber-security breaches many mistakenly