What do I do, the WiFi is too spotty?… Start by Analyzing the spectrum

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A WiFi Spectrum Analysis is different than a WiFi network scan. You usually perform a WiFi Network scan to find out what other WiFi networks are broadcasting their radio signal in your vicinity, find channel utilization, channel conflicts, and tons of useful information when troubleshooting WiFi Network. As useful as the WiFi Scan is for network troubleshooting and administration it can’t tell the whole story as its information is only related to 802.11 devices.

There are many devices using the WiFi radio signal other than WiFi devices. In order for you to see the wireless spectrum you need a specialized WiFi card and software. The spectrum analyzer will show the WiFi channels your network is transmitting on as well as other devices transmitting over the same wifi channels.

Once you have that information you can decide whether you’d like to reconfigure your network on a different channel or to find the root cause of the problem. Depending on the spectrum analyzer you are using you can match the signal shape captured by the spectrum analyzer with well-known signature from other sources such as video transmitters, microwaves, audio devices, etc

Once the interference is identified you can decide to relocate, change the radio frequency (if possible), remove it, or to do whatever is necessary to avoid WiFi interference.

We companies experiencing Wireless Network issue determine if the problem is radio frequency related or not. With that information in mind the troubleshooting efforts can be concentrated in the right direction to make the best use of the resources.

We are more than a Wireless Installation Services company, We are network architects and cyber security experts designing highly effective WiFi Network Solutions. We help businesses and organization with the design, planning, implementation, and support of 802.11 WiFi solutions. We provide Wireless Network Solutions services in New Jersey and NYC.

Contact us 888-580-4450 or info@jdtechsolutions.net for more information about our wireless services and solutions.

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