Microsoft Office 365 – Multi Factor Authentication.

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A little while ago I wrote an article on how to setup Hotmail two factor authentication. This time we are going to go over how to do it when using Microsoft Office 365 cloud service.

  • First login to your Office 365 portal with your management Account.
  • Select Users then Active Users
  • Select the Option to Set Multi Factor Authentication
  • From the Active User List select the users you want to turn MFA on. Keep in mind that only selected users will require an extra challenge when logging in, it’s not a system wide setting. One you select the user you can either enable MFS by doing the quick step link on the right the screen.
  • Notice that upon log in the user will be prompted to setup extra Security Setting. (MFA).
  • Notice that there are three Authentication Methods. Choose the appropriate channel for the new challenge and click next.
  • Select option to either receive phone call or Text message. In my case I selected Text message, Enter the Security Code received by text.
  • VERY IMPORTANT. MFC will changed the password you to login from your email client, you need to use the new password. This will be the password you’ll type when prompted from Microsoft Outlook.
  • Now every time you log in to the web portal you’ll be prompted to enter the security code texted to your phone.

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