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How to improve WiFi performance when you have Metal and ceiling walls in your company?

Reflection is one of the many RF signal behaviors that directly impact SISO clients and overall WiFi performance. When planning for a new WiFi implementation or troubleshooting an existing network, Wireless administrators need to consider all factors and conditions affecting the radio waves to design the right network solution and address  WiFi connectivity and performance issues.  You can rely on us you need a WiFi expert to help you design and troubleshoot WiFi-related problems, with over 20 years of experience and with profound knowledge of the RF realm, we help businesses and organizations design and implement smart, reliable, and cost-effective WiFi network solutions.


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Meraki packet capture

Performing Simple Meraki Packet Capture.

Meraki packet capture is an essential part of troubleshooting a network running Meraki. Whether it is Access Points, firewalls, switches, cameras, or any other Meraki device, learning how to capture data and read it in a protocol analyzer is an essential part of Meraki network administration.

New Jersey WiFi Troubleshooting

Cisco Meraki WiFi troubleshooting.

Meraki offers many built-in WiFi monitoring and troubleshooting tools to you manage your wireless network. In this article we’ll talk about the RF Spectrum overview tool and how you can use to understand the performance of your the WiFi network.

Microsoft NPS Policy

Meraki WiFi Mac-based authentication using Windows NPS.

Meraki WiFi MAC-based authentication. Meraki, like other enterprise-grade network solutions, provides different types of authentication mechanisms. In this article, we’ll show you how to implement and configure Meraki MAC-based authentication using Windows NPS

cisco meraki wif services in nj

Meraki WiFi Best Practices – deploying Guest and Internal SSID networks.

The purpose of this article is to show you how to create the most basic SSID deployments in business configurations. Meraki offers a multitude of options and settings to customize WiFi network access to your needs including different levels of authentication, security, routing, etc. that can be integrated with other services to improve overall network performance.

5 GHz wifi channels allocation

WiFi Best Practice – WiFi Channels allocation and configuration.

Planning for channel channel utilization and deployment is one of the most important steps in the WIFI design. This WIFI best practice WIFI channels allocation article shows you the importance of proper planning, monitoring, and adjustment of WiFi channels in your wireless network environment.