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Wireless Site Survey. Highly effective professional and reliable WiFi Network Services in New Jersey.

Wifi site surveys are required for a successful Wireless network implementation that offers the coverage, signal strength, network reliability, and security to support applications and users while providing the flexibility to adapt to company changes. Wireless sites survey is also important for post-deployment WiFi validation and for ongoing Wireless network maintenance and support.


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5 GHz wifi channels allocation

WiFi Best Practice – WiFi Channels allocation and configuration.

Planning for channel channel utilization and deployment is one of the most important steps in the WIFI design. This WIFI best practice WIFI channels allocation article shows you the importance of proper planning, monitoring, and adjustment of WiFi channels in your wireless network environment.

WiFi Solutions for Schools. Smart and Reliable WiFi services for schools in NJ.

Wireless networks is the primary way students and faculty access the school resources, whether online or on premise. Implementing the right WiFi solutions for schools is an essential part of your network infrastructure that has an immediate and tangible impact on the students learning process. We are WiFi experts who will work with you to design a complete WiFi services solutions for schools that support your goals and provides a secure and resilient connection.

Advanced WiFi Solutions

WiFi Installation Services in Jersey City, NJ. JDTech delivers Reliable and Cost-Effective Wireless networks.

We are the #1 WiFi Expert out of all WiFi installation companies in Jersey City providing IT Services and Wireless Solutions. We offer a holistic WiFi services and solutions in NJ by planning, designing, and implementing indoor, outdoor, and point-point Wireless services. Our WiFi network solutions are designed to address your specific wireless connectivity needs and adapt to your business changes.