Cisco Meraki AirMarshal – Identify and Mitigate Spoofed SSID

Spoof SSID
Meraki AirMarshal allows you to monitor and protect your WiFi network by identifying rogue and spoofed SSIDs.

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In this Cisco Meraki AirMarhal – Identify and Mitigate Spoofed SSID article I’ll show you how to the information detected by AirMarshal to locate the source of the spoofing access points.

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WiFi Network spoofing basics.

First, let’s talk about what spoofing is. In general terms, spoofing refers to creating “something” to impersonate an original. In other words, an attacker can spoof an email, IP address, or WiFi network to entice the recipient to believe that it is the original source. When it comes to WiFi, attackers can spoof WiFi networks by creating an unauthorized WiFi network (SSID) with the same name as the one that’s being targeted. The attacker can even take it to the next level by not only spoofing the SSID, but also by spoofing the mac address (BSSID) of the targeted access points.

WiFi Network Security.

One of the most effective ways to monitor and protect your WiFi network is by implementing a Wireless Intrusion Detection\Prevention System (WIDS, WIPS). Cisco Meraki AirMashal is a powerful WIDS\WIPS that allows you to identify Rogue and Spoof Wireless networks. To protect your wireless network against spoofing you simply enable AirMarshal, once a Spoof network is detected it’ll display them in the Spoof Network tab.

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Spoof network identification.
Airmashal identifying Spoof SSID.

Something to keep in mind is that the Spoof option in AirMarshal does not allow you to contain the spoofing wireless network, but it provides information for you to identify the general area where the network is being identified for you to do “old-fashing” boots on the ground type of analysis and troubleshooting. You can also aid your troubleshooting by using a WiFi analyzer to identify the network and using the signal reading to get to the source.

rogue ssids detected by protocol analyzers.
Identified Spoofed SSIDs by WiFi Analyzer.

Having the right tools and solutions in place will allow you to manage and secure your WiFi network, one of the great things about AirMarshal is that it does not require any special licensing for it to function, and if your Meraki access point supports the third antenna the monitoring and securing of the WiFi network will be without compromising WiFi network services to client devices.

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