Securing your Meraki Wireless Network.

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Meraki WiFi solutions provide many configuration settings to help you improve the overall performance of the WLAN by applying traffic and application control settings. The features are included as part of the enterprise license and apply to all AP models. With rich analytics, PCI compliance reporting, Air Marshal, Acess Control, Application and Bandwidth management, Layer 7 Firewall, and QoS configuration, Meraki WiFi solutions offer a new advanced management level.

Layer 2 LAN Isolation

Lan isolation prevents wireless clients connecting to the same Wireless network from communicating with other associated clients in the network. This setting is a must for public WiFi as it prevents the various type of wireless attacks, including DoD and MiM just to name a few.

Layer 3 Firewall Security.

Meraki Access Points allow you to set up and configure Firewall rules at the SSID level. That is a huge advantage as you can control traffic at the access level rather than let it flow to your security device for inspection. Not only it’s saving precious bandwidth and precious air time as connections may be allowed or rejected at the WiFi level.

Layer 7 Application Control

The concept of Layer 7 firewalls is not to be confused with Web content filters. Although they do similar things, there are significant differences, especially when it comes to traffic categorization. The point is that Meraki Wireless solutions allow you to control application access with layer 7 firewall rules. Again, these rules at applied at the SSID level, so settings for one SSID do not affect users connecting to other SSIDs, even when the same access point is broadcasting both SSIDs

Traffic Shaping

WiFi client’s bandwidth utilization can be managed with traffic shaping rules. It’s a simple rule that sets a maximum bandwidth threshold to wireless clients; the rules are applied at the client or SSID level. Meaning this, you can restrict client connections to use a maximum bandwidth limit you deem necessary. You also have the option of excepting applications from the bandwidth restriction to ensure that critical applications always have sufficient bandwidth even the rest of the traffic is bogged down

PCI Reporting

Meraki made it easy for organizations that require PCI compliance by adding a PCI reporting feature; it offers scans for PCI v2.0 and 3.0. The report shows you the requirements test results, whether they pass or fail to take specific action for compliance.

Air Marshal

Air Marshal is a Wireless Intrusion Prevention (WIP) solution integrated in Cisco Meraki Access points. It monitors the WiFi spectrum to detect wireless other wireless networks, identify rogue SSIS, Spoof networks, malicious broadcasts, and packet floods. You can set the system to scan at specific intervals and take action on the detected SSIDs.

As you can see, Meraki Wireless offers a granular type of application control that allows administrators to maintain and manage wireless infrastructure efficiently. In the public WIFI and BYOD era, we need to make sure we offer a reliable and secure service while prioritizing business applications.

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