Top 5 reasons to upgrade to Wi-Fi 6 using Cisco and Meraki.

Cisco Meraki WiFi 6 Solutions.
Cisco Meraki WiFi 6 solutions provide advanced network connectivity and Security.

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Prepare to meet changing network demands with WiFi 6, also known as 802.11ax. With it, you’ll get faster wireless speeds, increased capacity, and improved reliability to power entirely new mobile experiences. We are WiFi Experts delivering highly efficient Wireless Network solutions to businesses and organizations in New Jersey and New York City. Over the past fifteen years, we have been deploying WiFi solutions for Schools, Medical Facilities, Warehouses, Distribution Centers, Events, and Conferences. WiFi 6 has come to take the limits off all previous Wireless technologies and provide the most advanced wireless solutions.

We recommend WiFi 6 from Cisco and Meraki because they the proven to be reliable and advanced. We also understand that not every company is a Cisco shop and that certain things are done better by other WiFi companies. That’s why we work with the leaders in the WiFi world; we provide WiFi 6 Solutions from Cisco, Meraki, Cambium, Ubiquity, and Extreme Networks. Our WiFi services go above, and beyond other WiFi installation companies because we take a holistic technical approach to our WiFi configuration Services by analyzing your current and future technical needs. We work with your network infrastructure team to ensure the IT architecture is ready for WiFi 6, and we work with your IT Security team to ensure the network stays secure. We’re highly skilled technical engineers providing efficient, reliable, and cost-effective Wireless Network solutions to address your specific Wireless needs, no upselling, no bs, only solutions that work.

Here are 5 reasons to Upgrade to WiFi 6 with Cisco and Meraki.

  1. Just by upgrading to WiFi 6, you automatically gain several advantages from previous WiFi standards, including:

Network capacity: Attach up to 4x more devices than previous standards, with more data to more clients.

Bandwidth: Increased speed by 4x average throughput in congested environments as those devices come online.

Reduced data latency: Optimized packet scheduling, which is ideal for voice, video, and gaming.

Enhanced features: Improved battery efficiency in connected devices. Better WiFi coverage and support for 2.4 GHz make WiFi 6 ideal for Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

2. The Cisco custom application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) uniquely provides:

Cisco CleanAir technology Mitigate the impact of wireless interference to protect both speed and performance.

Cisco Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (wIPS) Detect, locate, mitigate, and contain wired and wireless rogues and threats at Layers 1 through 3.

Dual-filter dynamic frequency selection (DFS) detection Avoid interference for optimal performance.

3. Security for the next Generation of Devices. 

Cisco Application Visibility and Control (AVC), along with NetFlow exporting, is built into our wired and wireless infrastructure to detect

4. Maximum Flexibility:

Cisco Flexible Radio Assignment, a unique offering pioneered by Cisco, automatically identifies and converts the redundant 2.4-GHz radio into a 5-GHz radio to provide a better mobile user experience for high-density networks.

5. Seamless Connectivity:

Take work from the coffee shop to an errand run, to a night out, and never miss a thing with OpenRoaming. Users can seamlessly and securely bridge devices and automatically connect from WiFi networks to cellular. So whether you’re jumping from WiFi 6 to 5G or the other way around, the connection will be perfectly seamless.

Wireless Installation Services must be done by Experienced WiFi Professionals. We’re highly skilled WiFi experts with a broad portfolio of WiFi solutions from the leaders in the WiFi world.

From indoor to outdoor, site-to-site, and site-to-multi site solutions, we have partnered with many companies to ensure we provide the WiFi Network Solution that aligns with your specific environment.

To learn more about our WiFi Solutions and services, contact us at or call us at 888-580-4450.

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