WiFi networks troubleshooting, can you fix it with Vistumbler?

There are many wifi troubleshooting tools available in the market that aid you in the support and administration of a wifi solution.

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Wireless networking is a core component of any business and organization, large or small. It has become so predominant in the business and corporate environments that some businesses no longer deploy Ethernet to end-users. For many companies, especially small ones, setting up a wireless network doesn’t take much work or configuration. After all, SOHO-graded solutions have made it easy for someone with no or little technical knowledge to set up a network basic network environment.

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Larger businesses, though, don’t have the same flexibility as the internal infrastructure; technical and security requirements are usually more complex; with that complexity in mind, one might as “what is really required to set up a wireless network.” The consequences of an accounting office losing Wi-Fi connection a few times a day can not be compared to a Hospital ward or Warehouse losing connection due to poor Wi-Fi performance. Imagine ER doctors not being able to register patients or access the medical records from the mobile devices or Wi-Fi scanners in a warehouse, not updating the equipment inventory due to dead spots.

Some companies choose to deploy the Wi-Fi network in the house, meaning using their own technical resources that already are running thin with all IT responsibilities; as technically skilled as they are, most realize that wireless is its own universe and that they don’t necessarily have the skills to plan and deploy a wireless network properly. They realize that running tools such as Acrylic, Netspot, Vistumbler only provide basic information and that a real Wireless Assessment and Plan is necessary for proper implementation.

With those complexities in mind, the idea of using a simple wireless scanner to analyze wireless problems is proven, like trying to put a bandage over a deep infected cut. ,Wireless Scanner Tools are useful,, but they can’t tell you the whole picture; when troubleshooting wireless networks is useful to know the channel, band, signal strength, and noise level. More Free Wireless Scanning Tools display that information. Still, when looking at real WiFi problems, more advanced and sophisticated tools are required to really capture the real state of the wifi network, including the spectrum.

So can you fix wifi problems with basic wireless scanner tools? It all depends on the problem; if you have a good technical background and can understand the provided information, it’ll be easy to see the channel overlapping, poor signal strength, and even interference. Using that information, you may make the appropriate changes and modifications to your wireless environment to address the issue. Unfortunately, most Wireless Connection problems are not a simple as that; even when the issues are caused by co-channeling, many other factors make such configuration and troubleshooting a bit more complex than Wireless Network Experts with the proper tools can discover.

We recently performed a Wireless Assessment at one of our pharmaceutical customers. When we got on-site, the network engineers showed us a report he produced with InSSIDer, where it was obvious that the Wireless network was experiencing channel and co-channel inference. They didn’t know that the Access Points were selecting those busy channels because adjacent non-wifi inference was “jamming” channels 136-142 of the 5Ghz band. The only way for one to see that was by doing a Spectrum Analysis in the affected area. That is a perfect example of how wireless experts with the right experience and tools can help troubleshoot the wireless network. To make the long story short, the interference was just one of four major issues they had when implementing the network.

When you are experiencing Wireless issues affecting business productivity, it is highly recommended to contact Wireless Experts to evaluate your existing configuration; we are Wireless Network Experts in NJ and NYC, providing Wi-Fi services solutions. Contact us to learn more about our solutions and services at:

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