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How computer cookies work

Computer cookies play an important role in web browsing experience, they help us navigate sites and collect information that provides a better web browsing experience. However, they can also invade our privacy, collect, and share information that would we not make available.

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High-Density Wireless Design.

Wireless deployments can be planned for Capacity, Coverage, or a combination of both. Understanding applications bandwidth requirements allows for AP selection, channel and channel width allocation.


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SSID planning

WiFi Best Practice – Multi-SSID Deployment Considerations

Managing SSID deployment is essential for a successful WiFi network. Having too many SSIDs negative impacts the performance and reliability of the Wireless network. Cisco Meraki and JDTech offer the technology and know-how to improve wireless network configurations.

Meraki WiFi Traffic Segmentation.

Meraki provides various ways to isolate wireless traffic, the two simplest ways to do it is by configure NAT mode, and by assigning VLANs to the SSIDs.