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WiFi Solutions for Schools. Smart and Reliable WiFi services for schools in NJ.

Wireless networks is the primary way students and faculty access the school resources, whether online or on premise. Implementing the right WiFi solutions for schools is an essential part of your network infrastructure that has an immediate and tangible impact on the students learning process. We are WiFi experts who will work with you to design a complete WiFi services solutions for schools that support your goals and provides a secure and resilient connection.


WiFi Problems at work?

Wireless networking is an evolving technology. Companies need to stay up-to-date with the latest WiFi technical changes and how they can be implemented to make the business more productive. We’re WiFi experts providing WiFi services from the leaders in the industry, including Cisco, Meraki, Arua, Ubiquity UniFi, and Cambium.


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SSID planning

WiFi Best Practice – Multi-SSID Deployment Considerations

Managing SSID deployment is essential for a successful WiFi network. Having too many SSIDs negative impacts the performance and reliability of the Wireless network. Cisco Meraki and JDTech offer the technology and know-how to improve wireless network configurations.

Meraki WiFi Traffic Segmentation.

Meraki provides various ways to isolate wireless traffic, the two simplest ways to do it is by configure NAT mode, and by assigning VLANs to the SSIDs.