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High-Density Wireless Design.

Wireless deployments can be planned for Capacity, Coverage, or a combination of both. Understanding applications bandwidth requirements allows for AP selection, channel and channel width allocation.

What is are network port and how they work.

Network ports are the fundamental communication mechanism for network applications. Understanding what they are and how they work helps understand application traffic flow and communication.

Tips for Strong Passwords

12 Practical Tips for Strong Passwords.

Always remember that long passwords are harder to crack than short passwords, no matter what the complexity is. Think of passphrases rather than passwords, and change your password on regular basis.

WiFi or Ethernet? Not so fast, most likely is both.

WiFi and Ethernet complement each other and create the “network” in an office environment. As companies respond to employees’ requests for mobility and technical changes you’ll see most modern networks are a hybrid of Ethernet and Wifi but in reality, they’re just one network allowing communication over different mediums.

Is a strong WiFi password enough?

As you can see for many companies everything starts with WiFi, is if still have doubts just remember the Target hack that caused millions of credit cards to be compromised. WiFi signals travel beyond the physical boundaries and as such your network becomes susceptible to attacks without your knowledge and control.

WiFi Problems at work?

Wireless networking is an evolving technology. Companies need to stay up-to-date with the latest WiFi technical changes and how they can be implemented to make the business more productive. We’re WiFi experts providing WiFi services from the leaders in the industry, including Cisco, Meraki, Arua, Ubiquity UniFi, and Cambium.